In the midst of my major project “Documenting all of Europe from the train” came a request from my favorite magazine to contribute a photo essay for the winter issue. Featuring winter pictures, of course… And because I always take my big trips in summer, this winter series was a tribute to my homeland as well. All the pictures I share here were taken on the train line Huglfing-Oberau, which runs through the Murnauer Moos and the “blue country” – an enchanting landscape in the foothills of the Alps, which has inspired artists like Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinski. For the indescribable tactile experience of real pictures on real paper, I of course recommend ordering „der Passagier”– besides my contribution, there is much more to discover in the “Magazine for Train Travelers”.

But here is just a little insight into this most beautiful of all routes: