Jennifer Scales – Moved by Beauty

I love nature, travel and photography. And one day, I found out that there is a way of combining these three passions into something wonderful.

When I started studying photodesign in 2003, I still thought I’d be just a “normal” photographer once I’d got my diploma, but then I got hooked on travelling…

I had fallen in love with Paris when I did my practical training semester there, and then used every opportunity to visit this amazing city. The day after I bought my first digital SLR, I was once again on the night bus, and started playing around with my new toy. As the light faded, and the shutter times grew longer, I started seeing the first results of capturing the motion through the landscape.

I was thrilled, and began to exlore the wonderful worlds of motion and blur. Needless to say; I chose experimental photography as a main subject in the remaining years of my studies, and when I did my diploma work (Der Weg ist das Ziel, 2007), it was the essence of what I had learned so far.

By that time I had already decided that the world had enough photographers for doing the “focussed” pictures, and became an artist instead. Since then, I have studied landscape in motion from all kinds of perspectives, but most of the time, through the windows off moving trains: going 200 miles per hour in the French TGV, or moving slowly through nature, taking the Railjet to Vienna or the Eurostar to London. Later, I added more exotic surroundings. Taking pictures through open doors in a slow Indian railway has it’s own charm, and so has the view from modern Chinese and Taiwanese high speed trains.

And I’m still moved by all the beauty that I find through my lens…

Jennifer Scales, holding a camera, looking out of a train window

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

– Ansel Adams

Stories from Behind the Camera

“You don’t travel to get there, but in order to travel “

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If my website is like a digital exhibition, this page is the “meet the artist” event. Of course it’s great to see all my work perfectly curated and presented, but the most ineresting part of any exhibition are the conversations. They can be about the works, or about the places they were taken. Sometimes they are about travelling in general or about the artist’s life.

I’m not only travelling when I’m sitting in a train taking pictures. My life with art is a nonstop journey, that sometimes feels like an adventure without a roadmap. Not only do I want to find out if I can make a living as an artist, I also want to see how my art can contribute to this world. Is it possible to share my enthusiasm for sustainable travel in a way that inspires someone to take the train instaed of the plane. Can beauty play a part in the much needed shift in tourism?

I’ve recently experimented with social media a lot. With my Instagram account, I discovered how much fun it is to not only share perfect results, but what’s happening around and behind the scenes. I love to start a conversation or share doubts and difficulties. And my small but beautiful Instagram community has recently helped me wiht the hardes job of the year: picking the pictures for my calendar!

Frankly, I want more of this. More real exchange of ideas, more insights into the process. I want more courage to show the imperfect. At the moment, mot of that happens on Instagram, so join the fun and follow me there. The next project is my blog. I’ll link to it, even though it’s a work in progress at the moment. Forgive me if there is not much to see yet, or some blind texts… Last but not least, there is a Newsletter that needs to be revived. It started its life as a list for exhibition invitations. That’s why it’s been comatose for the last two years, but I’ll now look into how to use it differently.