Buy your calendar

Do you want to surround yourself with beauty all year long?

Since 2007, I’ve made a calendar for (almost) every year, featuring my recent favourites. I know that hardly anyone uses a wall calendar anymore, at least not for the calendar part ;-)
But it still has the charm of revealing a new image every months. It gives you the chance to turn the page every few weeks, and bring new motifs into your home. And because a lot of customers told me that they just keep the calendar up with their favourite photo when the year is over, I have reduced the layout to the bare minimum over the years, focussing on the artwork.

Not available yet, but firmly in my mind: A passe-partout or photo mount that is made to have the exact crop for the calendar images. This will allow you to put your favourite picture up in a nice frame – to keep it there forever, or to switch round with other calendar pages when the mood takes you.

My calendars are always limited, numbered and signed. I have decided to do a print run of 100 pieces early on. Depending on the success of my exhibitions that year, that number was sometimes barely enough, and sometimes slightly (or way) too many. So I do have some pieces from earlier years that I offer here. Maybe our favourite motive is in exactly this year’s edition, or maybe that one is missing from your collection…