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Almost Vintage: Calendar 2019

Calendar 2019
Was uns bewegt – Calendar/Exhibition Catalogue
Size approx. 42×30 cm, wire bound, limited (100 pieces), numbered and signed
14 pages: titlepage, 12 months, overview page with texts and titles (in German)


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Product Description

This calendar was created as an exhibition catalogue in 2018, and it features all the works that I showed in the Munich Center for Ecological Education (Ökologisches Bildungszentrum München ÖBZ). Since I wildly overestimated how well a calendar would sell in a summer exhibition, there are a few left to be sold here.

The 13 photos include some of my all-times-favourites from the years between 2007 and 2018. The calendar part is very minimalistic, so if you ignore the slightly highlighted sundays, you can use it as a monthly calendar for 2022 as well. I always hesitated to sell calendars after their sell-by date, but let´s be honest: Noone uses an art calendar as a calendar, right? We do our planning with digital devices, we have a family planner for the dentist appointments, and put up photo calendars for the joy of seeing a new artwork each month.

If your favourite motif is featured here, please ignore the number on the title page, and get some landscape beauty for your home. You even get karma points for sustainability (reducing pre-consumer waste) and a nice price…


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