Forests are fabulous, full of life and heart-warming!

I love the forest not only as a retreat in nature, but also and especially as a motif. My moving landscapes live from the combination of motion (mostly on a train) and the purposeful use of camera movement. At the point where I match these movements exactly, the details I am looking for in my work emerge.

Some of my favourite pictures were created in the forest with its many structures that fill the entire space with their varying heights and distances. There are very reduced works like the “Waldwellen” (Forest Waves), which display what the forest is all about in three trunks and a thousand shades of green. Or my personal secret remedy for winter depression: the painting “Lichter Wald” (Light Forest), which invites you to take a visual walk.

These motifs from different series and years are compiled here as a tribute to the beauty of the forests.