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Image representing an artwork of the Travelscape series, inviting companies to invest in art sponsoring. The text reads: „The flowers along the way are no longer flowers, but colourful spots, or rather, red or white stripes; there is no more point, everything turns into stripes...” Victor Hugo, 1837 describing the perception on his first train journey
Image representing and artwork of the Travelscape series, inviting companies t invest in art sponsoring. The text reads: „The flowers along the way are no longer flowers, but colourful spots, or rather, red or white stripes; there is no more point, everything turns into stripes...” Victor Hugo, 1837 describing the perception on his first train journey


Fast Facts

Artist: Travelscapes is a work in progress by photo artist Jennifer Scales

Jennifer Scales

1982 born in Starnberg, Germany

1988 first solo train trip

2003 started studying photodesign at FH Munich

2005 Practical training semester in Paris and first landscapes in motion

2007 Diploma work “Der Weg ist das Ziel”

2008 first solo exhibition – since then, numerous national and international exhibitions

2009/10 TGV series (France)

2015 India and China series

2021 Connecting Europe Express as part of the EU Year of Rail

2022 Developing “Travelscapes”: trips to Scandinavia and the Balkans

2023 “Travelscapes”: Eastern Europe and the Alps


Project: The images capture the beauty of the world seen from the train.

Stillness in the Rush

For most people, traveling is about the destination, but for me, it is quite the opposite. I find the essence of travel in the nameless places between departure and arrival. I take trains whenever I can because I relish the ever-moving beauty of the images I see through the windows.

Moving landscapes have fascinated me from a very young age. I was 5 or 6 when I was first allowed to take a train all by myself. As I pressed my nose to the cold window and let myself be dazzled by the colorful stripes and patterns, I made an amazing discovery: If I moved my eyes along with the blur – so quickly that I didn’t know what I was following – I could catch amazing glimpses of things. It could be a split-second of a twig or a blossoming bush, visible for a moment and gone before I knew it. A few leaves growing next to the tracks, imprinted in my memory as clearly as if I could touch them.

Today, I follow the landscapes with my camera. My own movement partly counteracts the speed of the train and allows me to capture islands of focus within dynamic pictures. In the rush of travel, I reach a place of inner stillness that allows me to give permanence to fleeting moments. Ironically, focusing on those transient moments gives me a deep sense of being grounded and connected.



The project started in 2021, the EU Year of Rail, inspired by the journey on the Connecting Europe Express

The publication of the book is planned for autumn 2024.


Location: Living in the middle of one of the world’s densest railway networks, the artist is traveling all across Europe

A satellite image of Europe with train routes marked, mainly in southern and eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia



Countries visited: 25

Distance traveled: >25.000 km

Next destination: Benelux, UK and Ireland (Aug. 2023)



Support the project with train tickets, accommodation, PR or money.

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The Beauty of Railway Travel

In our fast-paced world, a journey by train is often considered slow travel – even though today’s high-speed connections can easily compete at least with short-distance flights. And the railway is often viewed through a very technical and rational lense – yet there is hidden poetry in the seemingly monotonous train journey: The dance of moving landscapes that unfolds before the eyes of those who care to have a look through the window.

“Travelscapes” is an artistic exploration of this perception, which Victor Hugo and his contemporaries still found newsworthy, and that often goes unnoticed today as we stare into our screens.


Travelscapes – The Book:

I capture these special moments between departure and arrival with my camera to compile them into an art book. Showing both the uniqueness of each nameless place and the universality of the travel experience, it will be a book that takes the viewer on a journey – through European landscapes, but maybe also through their own memories of places and roads traveled. Since 2021, when I got inspired by my journey with the Connecting Europe Express, I have visited 25 countries by train, and a few more are planned for 2023. The publication is planned for the autumn of 2024.


Sponsorship Opportunities

As a sponsor or supporter of the project, you link your brand to the magic of train travel. Whether by providing sponsored tickets or contributing to printing costs, you are showing your passion for arts advocacy, community exchange, and sustainable travel.

In return, I can offer a variety of ways to collaborate, from traditional sponsorship in the form of a logo in the book or on the website to social media content or exclusive benefits such as a special edition of the book, original artworks for your wall or an exhibition in your location.

Fotografie "Sturmhimmel" von Jennifer Scales an der Wand eines modern eingerichteten Wohnzimmers. Ein gelblich-grünes Feld in dem sich durch Bewegungseffekte Halbkreise abzeichen, ein verwischter Baum am Horizont und ein dunkelblauer Himmel mit Regenwolken