And after the film is developed, we’ll have a slide show!

  • Portrait von Jennifer Scales im Connecting Europe Express
Invitation to a slide show

Do you remember? Back in the days when I was a kid, we used to photograph color slides on holiday. Weeks later, when the film was developed and the slides were framed and ready, it was time to take out the projector and invite family and friends.
And then it was time to show all the holiday photos. Including sligtly different angles of the same motive over and over, blurry pictures and those portraits where everone just looks stupid … ah, great times ;-)

Today when we’re on holiday, we don’t fill one or two rolls of film with 36 pictures each, we take pictures all day long. The beach, the food, the cocktails, the cute cat, the sunset… and soon hundreds of photos are cluttering our memory space unseen. And we don´t only take pictures when on holiday. But even though everthing seems so different, there is a new version of the slideshow:
The “stories” format brings back the idea. Most social networks offer some way to show a picture for a limited time. But instead of looking back on a holiday, today it’s more like a real-time livestream. Where I’m going with this? This is exactly what I did on my journey witht he Connecting Europe Express. The pictures I show here (some of them are little videos in the origial) are what I shared day in and day out on my Instagram account, and which is now saved as a “highlight”.
The slide show of my journey. Including blurred photos and those portaits where I just look stupid. ENJOY!