“Peitinger Mohn” (poppy in Peiting)


picture taken from a car, near Peiting in Bavaria

My favourite place to work is the train. Not only because I prefer to travel by train, but also because I have the best conditions for taking photos there: large windows and sufficient freedom of movement. In comparison, the view from the passenger window of a car is very limited.

However, when I pass such a motif — nearly every day — I have to make an exception. I watched these poppies in the cornfield from the first open petal, and when the full splendour had blossomed and the light was right, I let myself be driven past the field. And I think it was worth it. While the foreground has turned into a completely graphic pattern, there are glimpses of rolling hills in the background, anchoring the subject in the landscape.


You can purchase this motif as a high-quality fine art print in museum quality. Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 is a very sustainable fine art paper,since it’s made from 60% hemp, a fast growing, low-ressurce fibre. The shop offers two different formats to choose from. (open edition)

I love this photo so much that I have printed it for at least one exhibition. It might even be on show right now. If this is your favourite picture, and you absolutely have to own an original, please drop me a line. We can then discuss where you can see the original right now, and when it will be available for sale.