“Goldacker” (field of gold)

from the series OM Geiss

photo taken from the “Bayerische Regiobahn” (Bavarian regional train)

The more oblique the light, the more exciting the patterns. This is not only true for the ambitious architectural photographer who wants to shoot a façade in a more interesting way, it also works for farmland. In this golden evening light, the field takes on an almost mystical quality. That’s what I love about my work: The very banal ingredients of the main line of the regional railway and harvested fields can become something very special in the right light. A field of gold.


You can purchase this motif as a high-quality fine art print in museum quality. Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 is a very sustainable fine art paper,since it’s made from 60% hemp, a fast growing, low-ressurce fibre. The shop offers two different formats to choose from. (open edition)

I love this photo, and I’m sure I will soon show it in an exhibition. If this is the artwork that touches your heart and that you want to own as an original, please contact me. I will let you know as soon as the picture is on show and available for purchase.