“Demut” (humility)

from the series Der Weg zum Paradies (on the way to paradise)

photo taken from a Greek minivan

If you have already read several picture titles, then you have probably noticed that I am generally not very creative when naming my artwork. I usually content myself with describing what is in the picture; not least because I don’t want to impose an association on anyone. My works show the beauty of nature in motion, and everything that goes beyond that only arises in the viewer.

In my mind, for example, these fantastic colours and the gracefully tilted heads of the faded plants evoke a sense of humility. For you it can be something completely different. Therefore, feel free to give this photograph a different title for yourself.

You can purchase this motif as a high-quality fine art print in museum quality. Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 is a very sustainable fine art paper,since it’s made from 60% hemp, a fast growing, low-ressurce fibre. The shop offers two different formats to choose from. (open edition)

I love this photo so much that I have printed it for at least one exhibition. It might even be on show right now. If this is your favourite picture, and you absolutely have to own an original, please drop me a line. We can then discuss where you can see the original right now, and when it will be available for sale.