A large photograph of landscape in motion on the wall of a modern yet cozy living room"Lichter Wald" (size 100x150cm, 7/10)
A photograph of landscape in motion above a wooden sideboard"Tanzender Baum" (size 40x60cm, 6/10)

“Derwisch” (size 60x90cm, 2/10)

“Derwisch” (derwish) from the series “Der Weg ist das Ziel” (the journey is the reward), 2007

Size 60x90cm, numbered (2/10) and signed.



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Product Description


Original, limited to 10 pieces

The Motif

Where nature and motion play with each other, magical landscapes start to form. Where details disappear, they create a space for your very own interpretation, and allow you to discover something new every day.

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